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IBM Sales Manual (US) - Document 7249 - GUEST IBM Sales Manual (US) - Document 7249

Overview 7249 IBM ThinkPad Power Series 850, RS/6000 Notebook 860

Document's Table of Contents:

IBM U.S. Product Life Cycle Dates

                                   Marketing   Service      Replaced
Type Model Announced   Available   Withdrawn   Discontinued    By

7249-851 1996/02/20 1996/04/15 1996/11/08 2001/12/31 7249-860 7249-860 1996/10/08 1996/11/08 1998/01/30 2001/12/31 None


The IBM* RS/6000* Notebook is a PowerPC*-based mobile system that provides world-class workstation performance for many popular or mission critical applications that you can now use in a mobile environment.

Model Abstract 7249-851

(For IBM US, No Longer Available as of November 8, 1996)

The IBM 7249 ThinkPad Power Series 850 includes a PowerPC 603e 100MHz microprocessor, 32MB of standard memory, expandable up to 96MB, 10.4-inch (maximum viewable area when measured diagonally) color display -- active matrix Thin Film Transistor (TFT) with 800x600 resolution, a G10 graphics with motion adapter, built-in stereo speakers and microphone, user-removable, large capacity hard disks -- 810MB or 1.2GB, integrated CD-ROM drive (2X), PCMCIA expansion slots (two Type I/II or one Type III), and 84-, 85-, or 89-key keyboard with an integrated TrackPoint III. The 850 system also supports multi-tasking capability and a choice of high-performance 32-bit operating systems: IBM AIX Version 4.1.4 for Clients, Windows NT** Workstation 3.51 (PowerPC Edition), or Solaris** Desktop 2.5.1 (PowerPC Edition).

Model Abstract 7249-860

(For IBM US, No Longer Available as of January 30, 1998)

The RS/6000 Notebook 860 combines desktop workstation performance, graphics capabilities, network connectivity, and industry common I/O ports to enable powerful solutions for the mobile environment. It is powered by a 166MHz PowerPC 603e* microprocessor and features 256KB of L2 cache, 32MB of system memory (expandable to 96MB) and hard disk drive capability up to 2GB. A large, 12.1-inch (maximum viewable area measured diagonally) active-matrix TFT color display offers brilliant color in 1024 x 768 resolution. An external monitor for up to 1280 x 1024 resolution can also be connected. The Model 860 features a built-in GT20 graphics adapter for graphics power, featuring video input capability, with motion video capture and playback.

Effective April 18, 1997, this RS/6000 system will have a 1-2 user, full function AIX* Version 4 package included at no additional charge. See AIX Program Number 5765-C34 for additional details.



Model Summary Matrix

                    Memory  Base  Max.                     Graphics
Model   Processor    Bus    Mem.  Mem.   HDD   Display     Adapter
-----  -----------  ------  ----  ----  -----  --------  ------------

851 603e 100MHz 64-bit 32MB 96MB 810MB 800x600 G10 w/Motion
860 603e 166MHz 64-bit 32MB 96MB 1.2GB 1024x768 GT20

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(R), (TM), * Trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

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Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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