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The following is a collection of written articles, podcasts, videos and presentations I've created or participated in during my career as a technology editor and freelance writer. If an article was posted online, I have hyperlinked to its last known location. Offline works or articles deleted from the client's website will not have a link. Original submissions and hard copy reproductions are available upon request. You can change the grouping by clicking on the buttons below.

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2006-01-11 Podcast: All About Apple, Almost (Network Computing)

2005-06-23 News Analysis: The Slow Boat to MacIntel (Network Computing)

2005-06-09 Review: Apple's Mac OS X 10.4 (Network Computing)

2005-04-14 News Analysis: Apple Takes Bite Out of Illegal Software Distributor (Network Computing)

2004-11-25 News Analysis: And a Macintosh in a PearPC (Network Computing)

2004-07-22 Workshop: How to Make Mac OS X Do Windows (Network Computing)

2004-01-22 News Analysis: Apple Upgrades its Enterprise Line (Network Computing)

2003-07-24 News Analysis: Mac Internet Explorer (Network Computing)

2002-06-10 News Analysis: An Apple of Your Eye? (Network Computing)

2001-11-26 Review: Apple OS X Upgrade Delivers Fast, User-Friendly Unix OS (Network Computing)

Business & Software
2008-10-07 Review: VisiStat 6.0 (Macworld)

2006-07-13 News Analysis: Give Flash a Chance (Network Computing)

2006-05-22 Review: Symantec PcAnywhere 12.0 (Network Computing)

2006-05-02 Presentation: Best of Show Awards (Networld+Interop)

2006-03-28 Video: The News Show: Altiris Software Virtualization Solution (Network Computing)

2006-02-13 Review: GoToMyPC Corporate 5.0 (Network Computing)

2005-09-22 News Analysis: Is Google Losing Sight of Search Technology? / All Talk, No Engine (Network Computing)

2005-08-04 News Analysis: Run to Daylight? / Proposed changes to daylight-savings could affect U.S. PCs (Network Computing)

2005-07-21 News Analysis: IPv6 Push Doesn't Have Much Pull in U.S. (Network Computing)

2005-07-07 News Analysis: Let's Not Rewrite History / Depublishing Cheapens the Value of Online Content (Network Computing)

2005-05-04 Presentation: Best of Show Awards (Networld+Interop)

2005-04-01 Comparative Review: Job Schedulers, Getting the Job Done (Network Computing)

2005-02-03 Review: Network Automation's AutoMate 6 (Network Computing)

2005-01-20 Review: Novell Linux Desktop 9 (Network Computing)

2004-11-12 Review: Novell Linux Desktop (Network Computing)

2004-10-14 News Analysis: Mr. IT Goes to Washington (Network Computing)

2004-06-24 News Analysis: IT Morale at All-Time Low (Network Computing)

2004-05-11 Presentation: Best of Show Awards (Networld+Interop)

2004-04-14 News Analysis: Google's GMail (Network Computing)

2003-08-21 News Analysis: Linux, a virus-free OS? (Network Computing)

2003-04-29 Presentation: Best of Show Awards (Networld+Interop)

2002-11-15 News Analysis: Buzzcut: Office 11 Flappings (Network Computing)

2002-02-04 News Analysis: Don't Cut Your Phone Line Yet (Network Computing)

2002-01-21 Comparative Review: NetIQ Shows Analysis Smarts (Network Computing)

2001-11-29 News Analysis: Microsoft Wants Your Children (Network Computing)

2000-11-13 Review: SurfControl SuperScout 3.0 Brought Down by Bugs (Network Computing)

2010-04-30 Workshop: How To Set Up SSH Encrypted MySQL Replication (Network Computing)

2006-09-25 Industry Analysis: Radiance's New CDN App Boosts File Delivery (Network Computing)

2006-01-27 Comparative Review: Streaming Media Servers / Screaming Streaming Media (Network Computing)

2005-08-18 Comparative Review: KVMs Get IP Boost / IP KVMs (Network Computing)

2004-11-25 Comparative Review: WAN Accelerators (Network Computing)

2003-09-04 Industry Analysis: Does QoS Deliver? (Network Computing)

2003-06-13 Review: Smarter Compression Technology (Network Computing)

2003-03-05 Review: Crossbeam - One for All (Network Computing)

2002-11-15 Comparative Review: Warding Off WAN Gridlock (Network Computing)

2002-11-15 Workshop: Web Infrastructure - Relieve Web Performance Anxiety (Network Computing)

2002-11-01 Review: All Aboard The NIC Express (Network Computing)

2002-10-21 Workshop: Videoconferencing - Making Your Bandwidth Count (Network Computing)

2002-08-05 News Analysis: Rendezvous on the LAN Side (Network Computing)

2002-02-04 Workshop: Slow Road to IPv6 (Network Computing)

2002-01-21 Review: PacketShaper 8500 - Traffic Management Gets Smart (Network Computing)

2002-01-21 Buyers Guide: KVM Switches - Central Points of Control (Network Computing)

2001-07-23 Comparative Review: Teaming NICs Take Servers to the Max (Network Computing)

2001-02-19 Review: Packeteer's PacketShaper 6500 Keeps Networks Flowing Freely (Network Computing)

2000-10-16 Review: Immunix Workgroup Server Brings Linux to the Newbies (Network Computing)

Messaging & Collaboration
2007-01-22 Industry Analysis: SpeechSC and MRCPv2 (Network Computing)

2006-12-21 Industry Analysis: Survivor's Guide to 2007: Messaging and Collaboration (Network Computing)

2006-10-26 Industry Analysis: Spoken Word Search Analyzes Audio Content (Network Computing)

2006-10-20 Podcast: Beyond Print: Tag, You're It (Network Computing)

2006-10-06 Podcast: Beyond Print: Culture of No (Network Computing)

2006-10-05 Industry Analysis: New Media in the Enterprise (Network Computing)

2006-09-28 Industry Analysis: Policy Workbook - Unified Message Archiving / Compliance Policy Development (Network Computing)

2006-08-31 Review: Microsoft Exchange 2007 Beta 2 / Meet Next Year's Model (Network Computing)

2006-08-23 Podcast: Beyond Print: Beyond Content (Network Computing)

2006-08-15 Podcast: Beyond Print: Unpause (Network Computing)

2006-08-03 News Analysis: AIM Professional - Too Little Too Late? (Network Computing)

2006-08-01 Podcast: Beyond Print: Sonic Boom (Interview - Rick Wootten, Sonic Wall) (Network Computing)

2006-07-26 Podcast: Beyond Print: Beyond PR (Interview - Sam Whitmore, Media Survey) (Network Computing)

2006-07-17 Podcast: Beyond Print: Podcast Formats (Network Computing)

2006-07-14 Industry Analysis: Standards Rule - Messaging / Getting Your Message Across (Network Computing)

2006-07-10 Podcast: Beyond Print: Blogging On The Sun (Interview - Tim Bray, Sun Microsystems) (Network Computing)

2006-07-03 Podcast: Beyond Print: Breaker Breaker, Microsoft Blogger (Interview - Jeff Sandquist, Microsoft) (Network Computing)

2006-06-26 Podcast: Beyond Print: CTC Recap (Network Computing)

2006-06-24 Comparative Review: E-Mail Outsourcing Services / Going Postal (Network Computing)

2006-06-19 Podcast: Beyond Print: Transparent Aluminum (Network Computing)

2006-06-12 Podcast: Beyond Print: Epoll Results (Network Computing)

2006-06-05 Podcast: Beyond Print: Web 2.0 Roundtable (Curt Franklin, Linda Franklin, David Greenfield, John Soat) (Network Computing)

2006-05-17 Review: Near-Time's Near-Time.net / Facilitating the Urge to Merge (Network Computing)

2006-05-01 Video: Well Connected Awards 2006 Video Supplement (Network Computing)

2006-04-27 Podcast: Altiris Talks Virtualization (Interview - Christine Ewing, Altiris) (Network Computing)

2006-04-24 Industry Analysis: Well-Connected Awards - Messaging and Collaboration / New Media Permeates The Enterprise (Network Computing)

2006-03-24 Review: Jabber XCP 5.0 (Network Computing)

2006-03-07 Podcast: AppOL News (Network Computing)

2006-02-21 Podcast: Podcashing (Network Computing)

2006-02-21 Video: Survivors Guide for 2006 Video Supplement (Network Computing)

2006-02-09 Podcast: Streaming Blogs and Cattle Prods (Network Computing)

2006-01-27 Review: Zimbra's Collaboration Suite / Zoom Into Collaboration (Network Computing)

2006-01-25 Podcast: Surviving Collaboration in 2006 (Network Computing)

2005-12-16 Industry Analysis: Survivor's Guide to 2006: Messaging and Collaboration (Network Computing)

2005-12-13 Podcast: Wacki Wikis (Network Computing)

2005-11-30 Podcast: Rotor Routers (Network Computing)

2005-11-22 Podcast: IP4IT Day 2 Report (Network Computing)

2005-11-21 Podcast: IP4IT Day 1 Report (Network Computing)

2005-11-20 Podcast: IP4IT Day 0 Report (Network Computing)

2005-10-27 Comparative Review: Web Conferencing Services / Meeting Mavens (Network Computing)

2005-10-13 News Analysis: New Regulations Will Affect VoIP Operations, Deployment / VoIP, FCC Do Line Dance (Network Computing)

2005-09-14 Review: Antepo's OPN System XT / IM and Chat Network for Cheap (Network Computing)

2005-08-18 Review: Polycom's VSX 5000 (Network Computing)

2005-08-18 Video: Polycom VSX 5000 Video Supplement (Network Computing)

2005-07-21 Industry Analysis: Microsoft Roadmap - Digital Convergence (Network Computing)

2005-06-09 Industry Analysis: IP Contact Centers / How Can IP Help You? (Cover Story) (Network Computing)

2005-06-09 Comparative Review: RFI Analysis - IP Contact Centers / The Right Call (Cover Story) (Network Computing)

2005-05-12 News Analysis: Voice over IP Gets the Legal Eye (Network Computing)

2005-03-17 News Analysis: AOL is AIMing for the Enterprise (Network Computing)

2004-09-16 Comparative Review: Enterprise IMs - Instant Gratification (Network Computing)

2004-09-02 News Analysis: FCC to Make VoIP Wiretapping Easy (Network Computing)

2004-07-08 News Analysis: Enterprise IM Won't Miss AOL, Yahoo (Network Computing)

2004-07-08 Buyers Guide: Online Conferencing Services (Network Computing)

2004-06-24 Comparative Review: Webcasting Software (Network Computing)

2003-06-26 Comparative Review: IM Grows Up (Network Computing)

2003-06-13 News Analysis: IBM Lotus Workplace Messaging (Network Computing)

2002-09-30 Industry Analysis: Blogs - Only Half-Baked (Network Computing)

2002-04-29 News Analysis: Is AOL Right to Shut Out Instant-Messaging Rivals (Network Computing)

2002-03-14 News Analysis: AOL Is Right to Shut Out Instant-Messanging Competition (Network Computing)

Network & Systems Management
2006-10-26 Comparative Review: Hosted Desktop Management (Network Computing)

2006-03-29 Review: Affordable IT - Desktop Management Suites / Node Control (Network Computing)

2005-11-24 Workshop: Emerging Enterprise - Desktop Management / Doing the Desktop Tango (Network Computing)

2005-05-09 Presentation: Desktop Management (Syracuse University)

2005-05-04 Presentation: Desktop Management Reality Check (Networld+Interop)

2005-04-01 Industry Analysis: Wrangel Your PC Into Submission (Cover Story) (Network Computing)

2005-04-01 Comparative Review: Desktop Management Product Analysis Roundup (Cover Story) (Network Computing)

2004-09-02 Industry Analysis: Affordable IT: Desktop Management - A Suite to Fit Your Budget (Network Computing)

2004-05-12 Presentation: Desktop Management Reality Check (Networld+Interop)

2003-11-13 Industry Analysis: Angst-Ridden? (Cover Story) (Network Computing)

2003-11-13 Comparative Review: How Suite It Is (Cover Story) (Network Computing)

2003-03-05 Review: PC Duo - Mass Management (Network Computing)

2007-02-05 Comparative Review: IM Security Appliances / Coldhearted Worms (Network Computing)

2007-01-24 Presentation: Cryptography (Syracuse University)

2006-01-31 Podcast: IM Insecure (Network Computing)

2005-10-01 Review: Axis Communications' Axis 210 Network Camera / Keep Your Eye on the Prize (Network Computing)

2005-07-07 Workshop: Affordable IT: RU Secure? / Securing Your IM Systems (Network Computing)

2005-02-17 Buyers Guide: VPN Gateways (Network Computing)

2004-10-14 Workshop: Desktop Guardians (Network Computing)

2004-09-02 Industry Analysis: Affordable IT: Desktop Security - Fighting User Ignorance (Network Computing)

2004-04-29 Industry Analysis: Last Line of Defense (Cover Story) (Network Computing)

2004-04-29 Comparative Review: Server Shields - Host Intrusion Prevention Software (Cover Story) (Network Computing)

2004-03-18 News Analysis: Linux - The Hacker's New Target (Secure Enterprise)

2004-03-18 Comparative Review: IPsec VPNs Offer a Safe Passage (Cover Story) (Secure Enterprise)

2004-02-19 Review: InfoExpress CyberGatekeeper LAN (Network Computing)

2003-12-09 News Analysis: Hackers of the World, Unite! (Network Computing)

2003-10-30 News Analysis: Microsoft Makes Another Security Pledge (Network Computing)

2003-10-02 News Analysis: Vulnerabilities found in Pine, KDE, Sendmail and OpenSSH (Network Computing)

2003-09-12 News Analysis: A Zip File by Any Other Name (Secure Enterprise)

2003-09-04 Buyers Guide: Intruder Alert (Network Computing)

2003-05-03 News Analysis: SurfControl Stamps Out IM (Network Computing)

2003-03-21 Review: WebInspect Detects Site Defects (Network Computing)

2003-02-20 Comparative Review: Defense Starts Here (Network Computing)

2002-09-30 Buyers Guide: Desktop Firewalls (Network Computing)

2002-09-30 Industry Analysis: Gone in 6.0 Seconds (Network Computing)

2002-09-16 Review: Faster Than a Speeding VPN--Super Remote Access With Neoteris IVE (Network Computing)

2002-08-05 Review: FortiGate Fortifies Your Traffic Security (Network Computing)

2002-06-24 Workshop: A Rookie's Guide to Defensive Blocks (Network Computing)

2002-04-29 Review: InfoExpress CyberGatekeeper Ensures Remote Users Comply With Security Policies (Network Computing)

2002-03-18 Comparative Review: Contivity Captures VPN Crown (Network Computing)

2001-11-26 Review: Symantec Firewall/VPN Devices Secure the Small Office at the Right Price (Network Computing)

2001-11-26 Workshop: Telecommuting - Keeping Data Safe and Secure (Network Computing)

2001-11-12 Comparative Review: No Desktop is an Island (Network Computing)

2001-10-01 Industry Analysis: Smartcards, Dumb Security (Network Computing)

2001-09-17 Workshop: The Safe Way to Remote Console (Network Computing)

2001-09-17 Review: FatPipe's MPVPN (Network Computing)

2001-08-20 Review: SmartGate 4.2 Makes Remote-User VPN Easier (Network Computing)

2001-01-08 Review: Axent-Cobalt's VelociRaptor Guards Small Sites, But Its Configuration Is Tricky (Network Computing)

2000-12-04 Review: Aladdin Puts Content-Borne Viruses Back in the Bottle (Network Computing)

2000-08-21 Comparative Review: Defending Your Turf From Within (Network Computing)

Tech Misc
2006-05-05 Podcast: Interop - Day 3 (Network Computing)

2006-05-03 Podcast: Interop - Day 2 (Network Computing)

2006-05-02 Podcast: Interop - Day 1 (Network Computing)

2006-05-01 Podcast: Interop - Day 0 (Network Computing)

2005-10-19 Video: Real World Labs Construction Video (Network Computing)

2005-04-14 Video: Waste of Bandwidth Show - Breakfast (Network Computing)

2004-11-25 Review: Hertz NeverLost (Network Computing)

2004-11-25 Review: Geeks Illustrated (Network Computing)

2004-05-27 News Analysis: Fuel Cell - Hype or Hypercool? (Network Computing)

2003-12-09 Review: Cheapware: The Cheapskate's Guide To IT Tools (Network Computing)

2002-01-07 Industry Analysis: Home Smart Home (Network Computing)

2002-01-07 Video: Home Smart Home Video Supplement (Network Computing)

2001-04-25 Podcast: This Week at Network Computing (weekly series, approx 50 episodes) (Network Computing)

2002-10-21 Review: Verizon Wireless' 1XRTT - Safe At Almost Any Speed (Network Computing)

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