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Computer Humor

battlehymn.txt - Battle hymn of tech support song.

c_commandments.txt - The Ten Commandments for C programmers.

c_final.txt - My Ecs 102 Final Exam. The TA's weren't sure exactly how to grade this one...

carol.txt - Carol of the computer finals song.

compapoc.txt - Computer Lab Apocalypse--Guns.

compile.txt - Funny compiler error messages.

creation.html - If God created the world with a computer...

decwars.txt - The infamous decwars.

devil.txt - The devil went down to sunlab song.

dosfish.txt - The story of the DOSFish.

editor.txt - 50 ways to leave your editor song.

emailfacts.txt - Email facts of life.

flowchart.pdf - The master flowchart.

goodtimes.txt - Goodtimes virus spoof email.

hacker.txt - A kid AOL hacker learns his lesson.

haiku.txt - Computer haiku humor.

hollywood.txt - Guidelines to development on the Hollywood Operating System (as used in all the major films and TV shows).

howtowritec.txt - How to write in C.

ipdac.txt - Parody article on IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers

macwin.html - A joke startup screen for Windows.

million.txt - Ever wonder what 2^1000000 equals? Thanks to the power of scheme, you can see what this absurdly big number equals (warning, it's approximately 300,000 digits long and thus makes this a rather large text file of 300K).

msploy.html - Is Linux really a Microsoft ploy? Proof that there is no Linus.

need.gif - Low color, inverted graphic of the ResNET "Feed the Need" logo.

net_history.html - The true history of the net.

pc_unix.html - Politically Correct Unix guidebook.

physicswarn.txt - New product warnings thanks to modern physics.

pushsongs.txt - The Push Button Telephone song text file.

quiche.txt - Real programmers don't each quiche.

raven.txt - Poe enters the digital age.

root_access.txt - This shows how you can use a flaw in the mail program to gain the root password.

sa_fees.txt - If your a System Administrator, this is how you should charge the lusers.

shoot_foot.txt - Write a program to shoot yourself in the foot.

sunos.txt - The Day SunOS Died song.

sysadmin_sunscreen.txt - Sysadmins of the class of '99...

tarot.txt - Hacker tarot cards.

techform.txt - Tech support form. Please fill out completely before requesting help.

top_inet_worse.txt - Top ten ways the Internet could get worse.

types.txt - Field guide to user identification in a university environment.

unixchristmas.txt - A Unix Christmas Carol.

userology.txt - Different types of users.

virus.txt - Beware of these killer viruses.

winmac.html - A joke startup screen for MacOS.

write.txt - The classic Write in C song.

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